Wishlist for 4.1

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  • Sune Marcher
    Sune Marcher

    Congratulations on shipping 4.0, here's a few wishes for 4.1 :). I wouldn't mind writing these myself, if they're going to get included; sucks having to apply our own patches everytime a new version is released. I tried sending some suggestions to Don, but never got a reply.

    - optional warning if you try load a large file; of course optional, with a configurable "warn above size". Useful when you carelessly click a 500meg logfile, or accidentally click a 700meg rar file in the explorer plugin.

    - a more standard MRU list which keeps the most recent file as the first entry, and has keyboard accelerators for the first 9 items. I've already written most of the code for this.

    - better tab control. The current one wastes too much space because of all the borders, and I haven't found a way to disable it one the standard windows control. This matters when working on 1024x768 or lower resolutions (old laptops). Something like the CodeProject "Cool tab controls" would be nice, and I wouldn't mind re-implementing with pure Win32 API if it's going to be used.


    • Would it be possible to have an option to disable the "The File xxxx doesn't exist anymore. Keep this file in editor?" question. I open file, i want to look at them, when I decide to close them, then I will press close. I don't want this message every 2 mins???

      Other than that -- its a brilliant tool and i use it EVERY day!!

      • Try unchecking the Preferences Dialog > MISC tab > File Status Auto-Detection groupbox > "Enable" checkbox.  --Joel

    • My suggestion:  the files I edit have collapse/expand marks on the left side.  Please add an option to allow printing to ignore collapsed sections and only print uncontrolled and expanded text.

    • Another point on the list:

      What about adding that cool auto-completion-feature of Macromedia Dreamweaver in NP++ 4.1?
      For example, when you type "<" (or "<" and few letters) a small list with possible html-tags appears and when you close the start-tag, the end-tag (e.g. "</table>" automatically appears in the code. That would be great speed-up for developing websites!


      • CodeNexus

        Already kinda there... Try Ctrl+Space as you are typing... :)

        • steakhacher

          The better method for autocompletion is CTRL + MAJ + SPACE

    • what about QuickText? > http://sourceforge.net/projects/quicktext/
      but, of course, it would be much more useful as a built in option


    • KnightElite

      Another one I would like to see:

      I usually run Notepad++ maximized to cover both my monitors (UltraMon is a good tool for doing this, if anyone else is interested) so that I can edit the same file on both screens in different places.  This is actually the main reason I first switched to Notepad++ (I wanted a text editor that could do this), and it is an extremely handy feature.  What I would like added is a change to the window placement when you open up a sub-window, like find.  By default, the find window is centered on the Notepad++ window, which means it is split between both monitors when running the way I described.  This isn't a big deal, since once you drag it elsewhere once, it stays there (until you close N++, anyway), but I would still like to see it center on a single monitor if possible.

      Thanks again for the great editor Don ;).

      • KnightElite

        Another thing in a similar vein that I just discovered today: When you hold the right mouse button, and use the scroll wheel to switch between documents, the document list appears centered in the Notepad++ window.  If this could also be adjusted to be only on the left monitor, that would be great, since right now it appears exactly between my two screens.

        Thanks again!

    • should this shortcut be changed to "Alt+/".
      As ctrl+space will invoke language input such as Chinese in non-English environment.

    • Tao Zhou
      Tao Zhou

      1. Wish to add "Alt+Space" to invoke system menu(at the left above corner).

      2. Wish to have more shortcut control in small dialogs like Find/Replace etc, just like that in UltraEdit. such as 'Find n(&n)ext', 'C(&c)ount' ...

      3. Hope to fix unnormally exit problem if Notepad++ has opened a file and suddenly the network unavailable.

      Thanks for the great thin notepad++.

    • Bugfix?
      If you change the tabulator size from 4 to e.g. 32 then the scrollbar doesn't adjust properly to the new horizontal size of the document. I use notepad++ a lot to open and check tab delimited files and have then to enlarge the tabs to a high value so that the header row is in sync with the rest of the columns

      Another Feature I would like to see is that you can search and replace for any kind of characters. The regular expressions feature seem to be the right thing for that but when I search for "NUL" values and use \0 to do that, then it doesn't work. Do I do something wrong? I found a workaround however and used the hex viewer plugin.

      Cheers, Roman


      I would like to have the possibility to have side by side panels to compare files. Practically, divide the windows in two panels, each one with its own tabs.

      • KnightElite

        It already does this.  Just right click on a tab for an open document and select "Go to another view" or "Clone to another view".  Clone is really awesome, since you can edit the same document in different places.  You can have seperate tabs, etc.. in each of the two panels.

    • Don HO and the gang: great job on Notepad++!  It is by far the best editor available! 

      I have only one request:

      Load sessions from the command line.  I have looked over the docs and can't find a way to open a session from the command line.  I usually have several projects going on at once and would love to be able to click on a shortcut to open each in its own window...

      Thanks again for a great product!

      -- John

    • Thanks for bringing out a new release.
      I've got one minor request. I would like a findall on one file, where are the results are displayed in a list, like the find in all open files list.

      It also would be nice if this list and the other findall lists would attach to the bottom of the editor. So one can easily navigate the results.

      • Docking for is planed for next release of Notepad++. Regarding the other feature, I don't now. Don it's up to you ;).

        Best Regards

        • Don HO
          Don HO

          > Docking for is planed for next release of Notepad++.

          Docking feature is already included in v4.0, am I right?

          OTOH, there're so many crash issues...
          In the next release for me it's more bugs fixed than new implemented features.


          • I mean docking of find result list.


    • It's odd to see the included language-styles can color whole lines of text (as in, not just highlight it), but this feature isn't available in the user defined language.

      I could really, really, really... use this feature, and I'm -guessing- it shouldn't be -too- hard to implement, i could be wrong.

      Keep up the good work, real smooth app, some glitches here and there, imperfections, but hey, nobody's perfect and i enjoy using it :P

      I also like the chameleon on the website, it's my buddy. *feeds it*

    • Since I use NP++ for php and html, I really would like to see a way to auto change all éè... into &eacute; &egrave; ... That's my only wish ^^

    • Add an hex mode view and edit hex would be nice.

      • ??? Look into plugins menu or toolbar!

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