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  • First - I'm extremely impressed - Notepad++ is quickly becoming my preferred tool to edit text and source files.

    My minor gruble is that while I find the flexibility of being able to change the style of individual elements independently, I'd really welcome an improved approach to managing the styles.  Personally, I strongly prefer editing light coloured text on a dark background to the default dark text on a light (white) background.  I also use several PCs... hence the burden of configuring the hundreds of styles for each pc is a real pain.  Given the flexibility of the syntax highlighting, how hard would it be to implement a mechainsm for importing and exporting schemes - that way, with luck, a variety of styles may emerge over time to suit all users?

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      Please see :

      in the section :
      How can I share MY DEFINED LANGUAGE (or my syntax highlighting) with the others?