please, stop using Comic Sans!

  • Default style for comments, for all filetypes, is an 8-point Comic Sans.

    It's completely illegible.

    Comments are perfectly identifiable in plain green (same color as now) in the default font.

    There's a reasons why Comic Sans is probably THE most hated font in the history of fonts.

    Just google for "comic sans", and you'll see why - several of the top pages in the search results will be sites that beckon the world to BAN comic sans. It is, by far, the most awful font ever deviced.

    Please! Stop using Comic Sans!

    • Just thought I'd add my support for getting rid of the comic sans as default. Fixed width for comments is much nicer IMO. It's a pain to change it and I think you'll find the majority of users will change it. At the VERY LEAST, make it easy to change in the interface (one simple global option in Global Styles).

      Here's a quote about comic sans I heard a while back: "Comic Sans is the David Brent of typography: a failed office jester, desperately trying to be your pal." :)

      • Don HO
        Don HO

        > At the VERY LEAST, make it easy to change in the interface
        > (one simple global option in Global Styles).

        Don't you try yet v4.3 RC?


    • what are you talking about?  Comic sans is my favorite font.

    • I have the same feeling - don't like comic sans at all.

    • Well i changed comments to default font and size once and have no problems with it... What's the problem?

    • HappyDog

      The most important thing is that comments are in a fixed-width font!  I had to do a search/replace through the whole of  stylers.xml to replace comic-sans with courier new, just so that comments lined up properly.

      What would be best would be to have a global comments style, so that this can be changed in one place and affect all comments in all languages (though still allowing language-specific overrides).

      In broader terms, there should be a 'default' style for each of several pre-defined types:

      * comment
      * keyword
      * quoted-string
      * etc.

      These can be modified, and the modifications affect all elements of the appropriate type across all languages. 

      When defining a language, each WordType language has a 'type' pulled from the above list, from which it inherits its styling.  E.g. the C WordType "COMMENT LINE" would have the type 'comment'.  Each style component (font/colour/size/etc.) can be overridden individually, and if not explicitly set, defaults to the value for that type. 

      Basically, it should work a bit like CSS.

    • I am not against Comic Sans in comment, but parenthesis (){} in comment must be in constant size (DONT INCREASE NEAR CURSOR). Because otherwise it is difficult to edit comment with many {((){} and easier uncoment, edit and comment again.

    • I also hate (and I mean really hate) the comment styles. All I want is green. I don't want any size changes or font-changes etc. Just make them green and that's it (please).

      I have to go through each language and turn off comic sans and turn off the font-size etc. It's really, really, really annoying.

    • I have the same opinion to this really bad font comic sans.
      This was the first annoying thing I have seen and the last until now :)

      But please make the comment´s font just courier new and just green!

      P.S.: Great Application!

    • steakhacher


      I think that comic sans MS is a good idea for comment, because it allow to add more comment on a line and be able to print its code whithout problems, nevertheless it seems that lots of users disagree. Is the solution a case to define for all language if comment use comic sans or the same police as code?

    • Settings > Style Configurator > Language > Comments :  FIXED.

      I doubt you're programming in all of those languages, so it should be an easy fix to save your default comment style preferences.

      I've been using notepad++ for a few months now, so by no means am I an expert - but I do know this, Notepad++ is free and it rocks.  Instead of putting your energy into complaining, use it to figure out what all the menu options do and enjoy.

    • where is your sense of humor?