Column selection. Feature request

  • When I select a text in "column mode" the actual rectangle is limited by the lenght of the last row in selection.
    Is it possible to fix it i.e. select a variable size rectangle? Thanks.

    • Why notepad++ don't make .bak files? And why it don't have function "undo after save"?
      I lost piece of code thanks to absence of this two function.

      P.S. Sorry for my bad English

      • jmg__

        Under settings.perferences.misc, there is a backup option ?

        Not sure what "undo after save" means, but on my V3.9, I can
        undo across a save boundary, without any problems,
        and have used that feature a number of times.

        If you close the tab, and then re-open then that clears the undo buffer
        ( as it should )

    • This is a problem by used Scintilla and it will be changed by the developers. Have a look in TODO list at their homepage:
      "Scintilla To Do"

      Best Regards

      • jmg__

        I see the link says this :
        " Virtual space at the end of lines so the caret can be moved beyond the end of lines with the cursor keys. May also make rectangular operations easier to perform."

        Which is great :)
        ... but it is at the bottom of their list, which is not good :(

    • thanks for your reply.