New release - Notepad++ v5.8.5

Don HO
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  • cchris

    Replace by Spaces works for ewly typed tabs, not for existing blanks.

    v5.8.6 will have this new functionality.


  • Eugene

    But I am talking about newly typed tabs. Just open a new blank file and press the tab key. Tab is inserted as opposed to configured number of spaces.

  • Piyush Soni
    Piyush Soni

    Thanks a lot Don! :)

  • James Barr
    James Barr

    When searching for blank lines I use the following RegEx:

    This returns results for every "Find Next" and "Replace", but "Count", "Replace All" return the error "The regular expression to search is formed badly".

    Maybe this is a simplistic regex, is there a better way to search/replace/count all blank lines?

  • cchris

    Actually, I had submitted a patch that cures this, and also adds a "one per line" option in all operations.


  • Don HO
    Don HO

    @ jibarre:
    It will be fixed in the next version.


  • nofun

    Also I had another issue (twice!): any "Ctrl+" shortcuts instead of programmed actions started producing those 2-byte codes in black rectangles, so I had to restart NPP.

    I guess I found the cause :P

    1. Create new (empty) file.
    2. Press Ctrl+F, type in some jibberish in "Find what" and press "Find Next".
    3. A small window pops up to say "Can't find the text…" - don't close this!
    4. Close main "Find" dialog instead.
    5. Now when your're back in your document press Ctrl+Q, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+S or some other Ctrl+ shortcuts.

    As I had the issue already 3 or 4 times, I have to say that:
    1) As "find result" popup window is not modal it can easily be overlooked.
    2) The effect of another button appearing in Windows taskbar for that popup window is a little disturbing.
    3) Making a user to close that window is not user friendly at all.

    So maybe there is a better way to announce find results? :)
    BTW it was already discussed.

  • Don HO
    Don HO

    @ no fun 69:
    This regression bug was introduced by adding macro support in find dialog.
    It'll be fixed in the next release.


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