[Feature Request] Column Selection

  • Paulo Zaffari
    Paulo Zaffari

    Notepad++ is a fantastic program. Considering similar products such as Ultraedit 32 it´s only missing column mode selection.

    • Hold down ALT while selecting. Good as Ultraedit. :)

    • and there is also Shift-Alt Click, that columns
      selects between the edit-cursor XY, and mouse XY.

      Ideally, these should be added to the Edit menu, so they are easy for users to find!!

      It would also be nice, if the select XY was not
      End-Of-Last-Line limited.
      Because of that problem, you have to manually add spaces to the last line, then column select - but needing to do that in 2006 just seems odd :)


    • Hi,

      jmg_> +1

      And, it's not the same fontionality with UltraEdit.
      With UltraEdit it's "Edit column mode" : You can write over multilines.
      With notepad++ you can only delete characters...

      Here, Ultraedit is better.

      • Yes, there is also a thread or two on Column Text Insert.
        That's a new feature - up to Don to decide :)
        Column select is there, but needs the keys in a menu, so users know what they are!. I knew about Alt-drag, but the Shift.Alt.Click was news to me.

        Ideally it needs a clean-up, to avoid the EOL snap effect - even if it was too hard to fix this in
        Alt-drag, doing it for Shift.Alt.Click would be worthwhile.


    • To see how a semi-UltraEdit column mode could be implemented with Scintilla you can take a look at UliPad (I am/was involved into development efforts a bit myself). UliPad is an Open Source editor written in Python, but as it is also using Scintilla, it should be probably easy to 'borrow' a bit from its code.
      (SVN: http://cvs.woodpecker.org.cn/svn/woodpecker/ulipad trunk\mixins\mColumnMode.py)

      Claudio Grondi