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Edit Run commands

  • I use Windows 7 and Notepad++ version 6.2.2. I want to run Octave using the Run command facility, but I can’t edit the commands (I can delete the command and enter it again with the changes, but that is heavy and error prone). Please, add a the feature to edit the commands entered in Run.

    I have found the shortcuts.xml file that apparently has the default Run commands, but when I add a command it does not show up in this file. I have searched on the name I have given the Run command, but not found it.

    Where can I find the file containing the current run commands?


    Jorgen Sandberg

  • cchris

    They are in shortcuts.xml indeed. Now there are two issues:
    1/ Are you using %APPDATA ? If so, the active shortcuts.xml is to be found in its Npteâd++ subfolder. Otherwise, the active file is beside notepad++.exe .
    2/ Don't use N++ to edit the file, because it will clobber it on exit. Check the wiki page about Configuration File Editing for more detailed guidance. Using basic notepad will work fine - just duplicate an existing command and tailor the dup entry to do what you wish.