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  • theoldman

    Hi. I Do not seem to find a way to merge another document (mainly .txt files).
    Is it possible to do that?
    If not, please could you add it in the 'Files' selection.
    All the best.


    Hi Theoldman,

    I saw the plugin Combine.dll, proposed by Andreas. The fact that it merges every opened file, in N++, may be a limitation, in somes cases.

    And the python plugin is a very powerful tool, as well.

    But, an other possibility is, simply, to use the Execution menu, to start a traditional DOS command copy, in a temporary CMD.exe instance.

    Open the Execution Menu with the shortcut F5

    Type in, for example,

    cmd /c copy file1.txt+"file 2.txt"+C:\Windows\file3.log All.txt

    Validate by hitting Enter or clicking the Execute button

    => The 3 files file1.txt, File 2.txt and C:\Windows\file3.log are merged in the All.txt file

    Notes :

    The name file 2.txt is enclosed between double-quotes, because of the space inside the file's name

    At the very end of the result file, get rid of the surplus character SUB ( \x1A )

    The use of generic characters is possible : cmd /c copy file*.txt All.txt

    merge every text file, with name begins with file, in the All.txt file

    If you omit the result file All.txt, result of merging is written in the first file

    So the command

    cmd /c copy file1.txt+"file 2.txt"+C:\Windows\file3.log

    merge the 3 files file1.txt, "File 2.txt" and C:\Windows\file3.log in the file "file1.txt"

    The interest of this method is that, the files merged, as to the result file, don't need to be opened in N++, although it's quite possible !

    Best regards,


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  • theoldman

    Hi. Thank you all the information. I used to use dos copy commands but I need something inside NotePad++ to do it. A Batch file would do it well. But due to 2 strokes, I can not these things any more. We move on.
    I had a look at Combine.dll and works fine. Just have to make sure that I have the prime document in 1st Tab and the document I need merged in the other Tab.
    No other Files loaded. Only thing is, even if you un-tick 'add line' you still end up with a line at the top of the document. Its not really a problem, just delete it. Thank you again. All the best.