Search & Replace Pane

  • Notepad++ is one of the amazing text editors that I came across till now. But there are some issues with its search & replace pane design. First of all, text boxes are too small to enter a long text and also long regex :(. Next problem is there are too much labels. Being added an option to hide such advanced function would be nice.

    I am curious to know wheter you redesign that pane in next version of the software?

    :) Thanks.

    • AlcidesFonseca

      What about dock it ;)

    • I agree.  I find that I an constantly moveing the
      search/replace dialog around so I can see text in
      my document. This dialog needs to be made smaller.

      I remember using an old version of Ultra-Edit, and
      there was a check box on the search/replace dialog
      that would toggle the content of the dialog box
      between full and compact.  Maybe something like that
      would be better.