Notepad++ v6.5.2 is available

  • Gin

    Looks like the new update brought back an old bug for me that was fixed who knows when.

    My folds are not folding correctly again; was working fine for the past few updates and months. This new update broke it again.

    I have code start to fold at ";s" and end folds with ";e" as you can see much again the folds are actually folding yet again a few lines under where they are suppose to start and end.

    EDIT: I last reported the problem back on February 16 of this year. and Loreia2 helped me out back then via email ultimately giving me a link for a beta involving some extra .dlls and a separate notepad++.exe file to use and I was using that as a solution.
    And I used that makeshift solution up until some patch around July 31 (approximately July 27 but don't recall exactly) finally fixed in and thus no longer needed the extra stuff.

    This new patch however is giving me the same problems I did 10 months ago.

    EDIT 2: I tried reverting to older versions of notepad++ but the problem continues to persist.

    My UDL folds properly for the first 29,441 lines of code
    the 29,442th line is the beginning of a new fold, and it is suppose to end at (lost the original point since I was working on it today when the problem started so I'll make a new end point) 29,676.
    It shows that red line that basically points out the bracket that will end up folding.

    But when I do fold it stops at 29,679 instead of 29,676 as it should not to mention when I unfold it the bracket ending shifted down to 29,679 scrolling further down the next fold is suppose to start at 29,736 but doesn't show the oppening of the bracket until 29,739 and folds at 29,768 instead of 29765

    And yes I have checked my "bracket" opening and closing sections and everything is correct its simply stops working correctly.

    This is a weird bug nonetheless.

    Last time I worked on my code was on the 12th of this month. Needless to say NP++ was working perfectly back then. And yet reverting to any number of versions of NP++ is not fixing this problem. Even a clean re-install (uninstall NP++ and re-installing an older version).

    Last edit: Gin 2013-12-22