Will you develop this nice notepad for Linux?

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  • As for me I like your program and I'd like to see it in Linux. Do you plan to port it to this OS?

    • CodeNexus

      Its called WINE people!

    • ERNesbitt

      I runs great using WINE.

      • Another vote for Linux port. Guys, you've made a really great thing, why not let the whole OpenSource community running Linux enjoy your work?!

        • young

          anybody interested in getting their hands dirty and porting notepad to linux using wxWidgets?

          (if we do a good job, maybe it could replace the winapi notepad+++ ;-) )

    • I try to run Notepad++ 4.0.1 using WINE on my Debian, and it really doesn´t run great. I can´t edit any file and starting a search results in a crash, for instance. What am I doing wrong?

    • I can run it under Linux with the latest WINE. Works great!

    • Ok but, do you plan to port it to linux?

    • A port would allow drag and drop, wine won't

    • I am equally interested in N++ ported to Linux. I administer both Windows and *nix platforms, and while I am very comfortable with vi and several other *nix and windows editors, I prefer the N++ tool by a wide margin and would love to use it on my Linux workstation.

      ***Great Job*** on the tool, it is exceptional. I wish I had more coding skills to help with the port.

    • linux power ;) with N++ that will be great

    • Donny Bahama
      Donny Bahama

      Another vote for a linux port.

      • Sune Marcher
        Sune Marcher

        Considering the amount of Win32 API code in Notepad++, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a linux port - you're probably best off using WINE or finding a linux editor that suits your needs...

    • I wish to have it in Linux

    • If you use linux, I think the emacs is the best choice to replace n++

    • Um... doesn't work in Ubuntu 6.06.1, even following your tutorial and running Wine 9.9.0...

      Can you make a post as to IF you even are going to port it... and if you are, when?

    • keenblade

      One more vote for a linux port. I hope one day I will be able to compile notepad++ on my gentoo.

    • Vote for a Linux port.

    • YaleXue

      I wish to have it in Linux too.

    • Try install the program/package: 'Scite' or 'Scintilla'. Notepad++ is based in Scite. I use Scite, work in Debian Gnu/Linux and play fast.

      But, I too, vote for a Linux port.

      I think: Emacs is a old interface comparate with Scite or Notepad++.

      Sorry by me bad english. Regards...

    • Isaac

      Another Linux Port Vote

    • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! a Linux port for N++!! I could help on developing...

    • Another Linux Port Vote

    • AlcidesFonseca

      Yet Another Linux Port Vote.

      Or make a side-team/project to change SciTe with notapad++ features.

    • jive

      I have just started using ubuntu linux and you know what guys. I don't think this is going to happen. How do I know this? Because Historically in the forums, if Don and Jens isn't interested in it, they ignore the post or do not answer at all.... so I would suggest looking for a new forum...

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