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Notepad++ window closed when shutdown is canceled

  • chanming

    I have create a ticket here.

    OS: Windows 7
    Notepad++ version: 6.1.7+

    1. Open notepad++ and having any unsaved file open
    2. Attempt to shutdown windows
    3. Notepad++ prompts for saving the file with options "Yes", "No" and "Cancel"
    4. Select "Cancel"
    5. Windows shutdown screen appears showing applications being waited for termination
    6. Click "Cancel" to try to cancel the shutdown process
    7. Shutdown process is canceled but the notepad++ window disappears
    8. Checking windows task manager and find that "notepad++.exe" process is NOT terminated
    9. Work lost :(

    My resolution is to downgrade to version 6.1.6 or be extremely careful to check any unsaved file before trying to shutdown. By investigating with my limited skills, I found the problem may exist after SVN revision 949.

    And thank you for this great product.

  • Al Le
    Al Le

    It would be a cool feature if NP++ could restore even not saved files, like e.g. Excel can do this. I.e. while editing, some backup copies can be created even if the file hasn't been explicitly saved by the user. If a crash happens, NP++ could restore the files under their temp names (New 1, ...).

    • EaglesEye

      I think this post has nothing to do with the original thread.

  • EaglesEye

    I have the same problem: Notepad++ window closes, but process is not terminated.
    I saw there was a bug report already, but it was closed:
    I think the problem may have to do with one of the plugins. Possibly disabling plugins will give a clue.
    For me the problem disappeared when I removed AutomationPHP.dll from the plugins directory. It is the PHP Script plugin.

    Last edit: EaglesEye 2013-10-07