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Feature Request: COBOL

  • Hi. First of all apologies if this was requested before.

    I've only recently discovered Notepad++, and I like it a lot so far.

    Within the long list of languages I miss COBOL.

    It is still used quite often for processing large quantities of data e.g. in bank houses.


    • I use COBOL for programming, I'm working in a BIG, when I mean BIG, it's really BIG!!! Bank, the biggest one in my country, I'm working for a consulting firm and we use UltraEdit32 and TSO for COBOL, we would gladly change to Notepad++ if it nativly supported COBOL !

      Please think about it. Thanks !

    • Yep, me too, I need this feature.

      Thanks a lot.

      • I need also!

        • Stefan Bodingh
          Stefan Bodingh

          Me also, Cobol is for ever!

          • I know is not necessarily easy to build a new feature, but maybe some changes in the user define dialog could help, not just COBOL developers, but others.
            Changes such as:
            -    Begin and end block individually marked (blk1Begin: XXX, blk1End: YYY; blk2Begin: AAAA, blk2End: BBBB).
            -    Keywords that allow more than one word (“key word”, “MORE THAN ONE WORD”).
            -    Some positional (column)  Keywords

    • In the last version of Notepad++ v4.0.1 I can see FORTRAN SYNTAX,
      and I am wondering why not COBOL SYNTAX, cobol is more used
      than fortran, this is amazing.
      Please add this feature COBOL SYNTAX in the next release of notepad++.

      Thanks a lot.

    • Actually I'd like to see someway of adding custom languages, then being able to distribute the config.
      That way its takes the onus off of developers to support every language request and on to those who want to use the languages.
      It would also be handy for some of the weird microcode languages I use.

    • ok ignore most of the last message, I found the langs.xml file :)
      A gui interface would be nice though :D

    • Don HO
      Don HO