Auto Completion behavior

  • Chromix

    Watch this swf presentation and/or read the following text ;-)

    Some lines in the auto completion list (.api files) may contain a dot (.) or colon (:)
    This is usually the case for variables/function inside a table in Lua.
    Example: MyAPI:print( CVehicle.maxSpeed );

    If you type "MyAPI:p" and activate auto completion,
    the window will show all entries beginning with "p",
    but won't show "MyAPI:p..." entries in the topmost location.

    So you have to type "MyAPI", activate AC and then
    continue to type to get to the right entry.
    So how about a check, if the word before the seperator is also
    in the api list (including the seperator)?

    ...which leads to the next problem:
    If you are at "MyAPI:p" and type "e", the AC box will be closed,
    since there is no function starting like "MyAPI:pe...".
    To get it back, you have to start at "MyAPI" again.

    So how about marking the "wrong" characters in red (custom color)?
    If you type "MyAPI:pet", but the list only contains "MyAPI:print",
    the AC box will stay open, "et" will be marked, and the topmost entry
    will be "MyAPI:print", since its the only line starting with "MyAPI:p".

    Also, how about displaying the currently marked AC box word
    in the middle of the box, instead of the bottom?
    That way you could easily see "whats next" while typing,
    without having to scroll down first.