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C++ String Style

  • Kornelius

    C++ String Style can not be set in many font style , eg: courier new , arial .. etc..

    the font style was saved to xml , but it doesn't take effect.

    • Have the same problem some time ago, and have then reported in this forum. Unfortunately did not get any response from anyone. It seems like nobody is really interested.

    • Maybe you guys would have better results if you reported it as a bug.  This is a forum for "open discussion".  Look on the "tracker" menu for the bug stuff.

      • Current version (4.8.2) still has this problem. There is many related bug reports from version 4.2.2 to now, but there was not any response about this.

        • Don HO
          Don HO

          Works for me.
          set to other fonts w/o problem.


    • I have the same problem, I use the Notepad++ v4.2.2. But I can't change the font style for C++ String Style.

      • It seems we must assign to "String" a font supporting the windows code page.  Otherwise, Notepad++ will pick the default system font.