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Where is the default session bookmark data filed?

  • alan sinclair
    alan sinclair

    Bookmarks seem not to be shared in cloud settings for default remembered sessions (at least, if they are, they're not working with Dropbox for me in NP++ 6.6.7). Are they saved in a file or in the registry or ??? I've looked but I'm bad at finding. My previous session opens fine when I restart NP++ on the same computer, but not on other computers using the same file URI.

    A couple of other questions (should they be separate topics?):
    - can I force files to be saved before closing NP++, instead of leaving the save until the file itself is closed?
    - is Search disabled for everyone in these forums, or is it just something i've got set wrong?


  • The bookmarks are saved in session.xml. Look for tags like <Mark line="20"/>. I don't have any cloud accounts so I can't test it, but it seems like if the session file is saved to (and loaded from) the cloud, then bookmarks should also work.

    Search seems work for me.