Freeze ! Drop Youre Weapon !

Mox Falder
  • Mox Falder
    Mox Falder

    You know. Latest version really freeze sometime !

    • cchris

      If you could provide more detailed information, it would help:
      1/ does the freezing relate to some sequence of actions?
      2/ if you rename your plugins subfolder to say "lugins", do you still get the freezes?
      3/ If so, try unloading each plugin one at a time (renaming the dll to .dl is effective)

      That was just a warm-up (SCNR)


    • I'm giving up on release 5.4.5. Is this the release you're using? Not only Notepad++ freezes, but it freezes the whole computer so that I can't even open Task Manager, and have to power off. I'm a new user. Can someone tell me the latest version that's considered stable? I'm on Windows XP.

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      A problem is identified between Change Mark plugin and Notepad++ (which makes Notepad++ frozen).
      Removing Change Mark plugin will remedy your problem.
      We are working on this issue, this bug will be fixed in the next release.