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a few feature recommendations

  • hi, first of all - this is an absolutely great app, one of the best discoveries in a while.

    most stuff works as expected, but the style configurator dialog could be improved a little. for example, i'd like the choice of not having to pick any BG color, in which case the global default would be used (i think this can be done by manually editing the stylers.xml, but not via GUI). it would also be nice if the user could disable BG color altogether; or pick one BG color for all language elements at once (not having to change all manually). i for one would just like one uniform BG for all syntax elements. and there's no way to pick system theme colors for language elements.

    another cool feature would be mixed syntax highlighting in one file, e.g. when you have a PHP document with escaped HTML portions in it (between ?> and <?php)