nppCrypt broken

  • John Bollinger
    John Bollinger

    The last version of NPP to work with nppCrypt is 6.4.5.


    Hi John,

    Well, I think that NppCrypt problem is due to the NEW version of the main N++ component named SciLexer.dll, relative to Scintilla, located in the same directory than Notepad++.exe !

    The version of Scintilla was upgraded from version to version, in the N++ 6.5 version, which came out on 29/09/2013 !

    I made some tests with the last version of NppCrypt ( v1.0.0.7 ) and the simple and small file change.log of the last release Npp v6.5.5

    • With the default SciLexer.dll file ( version - 1028 Ko ), the decryption processus is broken :-(

    Then, in your N++ 6.5.5 version, just replace the present SciLexer.dll file by the SciLexer.dll of the Npp 6.4.5 version

    • With the old ScinLexer.dll file ( version - 900 Ko ), the decryption processus, is, this time, OK :-)

    Although I didn't test NppCrypt, on very big files, the upgrade of Scintilla can explain NppCrypt's problems.

    So, the last N++ version, where the plugin NppCrypt correctly works, seems to be the 6.4.5 version !

    If necessary, you can get the last version of NppCrypt plugin, at the address below :

    Best Regards,


  • Fixing NppCrypt to work with the new N++ should be trivial. I've had a quick look, and as has been pointed out, it's using GETSELTEXT quite a bit. Using GETCHARACTERPOINTER or the newer GETRANGEPOINTER (which would make it incompatible with older versions) will fix it.

    When I'm done with PythonScript I'll build a new one if no-one's taken the task by then.


  • nullptr-au

    I've modified and built nppcrypt so that it works with SciLexer.dll present in notepad++ 6.5.x builds. Can someone suggest where I could upload it to, so that others can test/use it? Thanks.

  • That's great news! You're welcome to send it to me, and I'll add it to the npp-plugins project. Be great if you can include the source too, then we can host everything in one place. davegb at pobox dot com

    Thanks ever so much for taking the time to do this.


  • John Bollinger
    John Bollinger

    Just a short note to say thank you to Guy, Dave and nullptr-au.

    Y'all are the greatest.