ActionScript 3 API

  • Raohmaru

    Hi to all, my name is Raohmaru I'm new at this comunnity.

    I usually do quick edits with Notepad++, and I always have missed an API for ActionScript 3 (current API shipped with Notepad++ scopes only ActionScript 2).

    So I have made an API for ActionScript 3, and I want to share with others Notepad++ users and ActionScript developers. Note that AS2 syntax have been removed to not mistake it with AS3.

    Here is the link:
    Save the source as


    , and place it in the

    plugins/api folder


  • Nikola

    Nice work, also …
    I made python script to recursively generate API for C.

    Standard C API is useless because there are only basic functions in C.
    So … this allows you to load new API recursively from includes in current file.
    I am using OpenGL and its very hard to code when you have to know all that function parameters and its order.
    But still would be nice to have plugin that turns Npp into IDE like docking bar that allows u to add files to project from tab selection
    and to add static libraries in it and just to use F9 to compile.
    Anyway i do that by adding shortcut to execute compile.bat in current dir by pressing F9. Works well but would be better if similar file is generated

    save python file to notepad installation dir, with name ""
    You can make shortcut for F10 button:
    just edit shortcuts.xml, add this line:

    <Command name="load hints C" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="121">python $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)</Command>

    it is tested on python 3.2.x, 2.7.x
    be carefull when editing with np++ when closing np++, it saves/overwrites shortcuts.xml.
    So … after editing shortcuts.xml, set shortcuts.xml to readonly in properties, close np++,
    clear readonly, open np++, if you find (Run->load hints C) you win :).

    How To Use:
    - press F10 in any .c file, python script will popup for short time and cache all functions and defines from current file and recursively from includes

    - You will have to manually reload cache by switching tabs (go to other tab and go back to c file)

    - Sometimes new cache will bug a little, so to fix that just type first function from cache and invoke function params hint, thats it, so now
    u got cached up to date API of which u can actually have some use :)

    - because of long sorting some includes like windows.h they contain lot of includes so it will take about 20 seconds to parse and sort all
    so dont recache everything on every .c file just make includes.h and cache it so all functions will be available to for hinting
    also there is option in cparser.xml to enter startXML, so it appends new functions in it

    - Turn on Auto-Completion and enjoy scripting

    I created this in hurry because im working on some OpenGL project and I needed a good and fast IDE (I hate IDE where i have to click too much - that would be Visual Studio)
    So if u find any bugs, you are free to edit .py file so you can fix it and send me feedback :)

  • Raohmaru

    Hey lsqnt, nice work.

    Maybe you want to start a new topic to highlight your work in the forum.

    Also, davegb3, a developer of the Notepad++ team, has released a Python Script plugin to allow developers write plugins in Phyton. You can now make a fully integrated plugin of your C parser :)