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[r735] (HEAD) by donho

[RELEASE] Notepad++ 5.8.7 release.
[ENHANCE] Add minimalist installation available in installer.
[UPDATE] Update some language files.
[NEW] Change off-line document format from chm to html.
[BUG_FIXED] Fix TAB key browsing bug in Preferences dialog partially.

2011-01-31 01:46:36 Tree
[r734] by donho

[NEW] Make NativeLangSpeaker object available for all classes in Notepad++.

2011-01-22 23:53:35 Tree
[r733] by donho

1. New "Mark" tab for "Mark all" feature in Find/Replace dialog.
2. Make "Fide what" and "Replace with" fields larger in Find/Replace dialog.
3. Make some message dialogs translatable.

2011-01-19 21:05:40 Tree
[r732] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix a regression bug: the notification message boxes were not modal.

2011-01-08 12:06:18 Tree
[r731] by donho

[UPDATE] Update Npp Help screen shots.

2010-12-28 21:54:43 Tree
[r730] by donho

[UPDATE] Update English files for the translation.

2010-12-26 13:39:26 Tree
[r729] by donho

[UPDATE] Update english.xml file.

2010-12-24 01:15:37 Tree
[r728] by donho

[UPDATE] Correct 2 item terms in menu.

2010-12-22 14:57:55 Tree
[r727] by donho

[RELEASE] Notepad++ 5.8.6 release.
[NEW] Generation of the minimalist package.

2010-12-18 13:49:39 Tree
[r726] by donho

[UPDATE] Update lanuages and add a new language : Esperanto.

2010-12-17 23:09:17 Tree
[r725] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix langs.xml 0 length problem while user ends session w/o closing Notepad++.

2010-12-13 01:11:35 Tree
[r724] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix empty line count failure (RE).

2010-12-11 19:43:37 Tree
[r723] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix task list display glitch under Windows 7.

2010-12-07 23:47:55 Tree
[r722] by donho

[NEW_FEATURE] Add trim functions (header/trailing/compact feature).
[NEW_FEATURE] Add white space and TAB conversion features.

2010-12-05 19:33:48 Tree
[r721] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix folding margin to be displayed when opening Notepad++ with a new/empty file (Normal text).

2010-12-05 02:31:31 Tree
[r720] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix auto-completion detection language bug.
[UPDATE] (Author: Motaz) Enhance the installer icon.

2010-12-04 15:06:26 Tree
[r719] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] (Author: Christian Cuvier) Fix the changing theme settings makes switch back to the default theme bug.

2010-11-25 22:56:02 Tree
[r718] by donho

[NEW] Add ChangeIcon.exe into generation binary procedure.

2010-11-25 21:54:48 Tree
[r717] by donho

[NEW_FEATURE] Make english.xml customizable.

2010-11-24 21:55:18 Tree
[r716] by donho

[RELEASE] Notepad++ 5.8.5 release.

2010-11-24 00:56:22 Tree
[r715] by donho

[NEW_FEATURE] Add the option to switch back to the old icon in installer.
[ADD/UPDATE] Add/update language.

2010-11-23 01:01:06 Tree
[r714] by donho

[NEW] (Author: François-R Boyer) Add ChangeIcon command line program.

2010-11-23 00:49:09 Tree
[r713] by donho

[UPDATE] Update installer to adapt the new behaviour of langs.xml and the new NppShell.

2010-11-21 14:04:36 Tree
[r712] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix x64 system files problems :
1. not included in recent file history list while closing a file.
2. not remembered in the next session problem.

2010-11-21 01:44:40 Tree
[r711] by donho

[BUG_FIXED] Fix localization switching under Windows 7 problem (UAC issue).

2010-11-20 21:13:47 Tree
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