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#4787 6.5.5 uinicode char in word double-click doesn't highlight word

Jim Michaels

in a .html document:
unicode ’ character if in a word when you double click on it, does not highlight the words it finds. feature only works with ascii/ansi ' character?
so I am guessing any unicode character does not highlight. microsoft word uses ’ character for an apostrophe (which is different from ascii ' character). people save Word documents as HTML.


  • Jim Michaels
    Jim Michaels

    hmm. it doesn't like ascii ' either. does it reject punctuation or non-word-characters?

  • Jim Michaels
    Jim Michaels

    it seems to work sometimes OK and sometimes not in a given session. it's a flaky word highlighter bug.
    has nothing to do with the various apostrophes.
    it MAY have something to do with amount of memory available, since the 150,000 lines is about the maximum I could do last time before npp crashed from lack of memory.
    for a given word to highlight, there may be a LOT of entries to highlight. but they are important to see. once again, I think I need a 64-bit version of notepad++.

    VC++ switches:
    cl.exe /arch:AVX /Qpar /volatile:ms /MP /O2 /Ob2 /Fm64\%outfile%.map /Fm64\%outfile%.obj %outfile.cpp
    link.exe /LARGEADDRESSAWARE /MACHINE:X64 /MP /OUT:64\%outfile%.%extension% 64\%outfile%.obj
    this does parallel builds and compiles, and /Qpar generates safe parallelized loops. there are of course more switches you can put in if you choose. I have a long list I got by using the GUI to select switch values.