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#4365 "file has been modified" modal popup happens unnecessarily

Tom Felker

Any time an open file is modified, and focus returns to Notepad++, you get the "This file has been modified by another program. Do you want to reload it?" popup, and the current tab is switched to the file that's been modified.

This makes Notepad++ unusable if you want to view frequently changing files and other files at the same time, as you constantly lose your place. Also, even if you open a file from Explorer that opens in Notepad++, the popup may come up, and switch your focus to the modified file's tab, so you don't see the file you just tried to open.

I would expect that the popup should only come up for tabs that are currently being displayed. If files are modified in non-foreground tabs, you shouldn't get the popup until you switch to the tab. This minimizes interruption to the user's workflow.

At the very least, the popup should not change which tab currently has focus.


Patches: #593


  • xtal256

    I agree, message should only be displayed when the tab has focus.

    The best way to do this would be to have a "notification bar" that slides down from the top of the window and has buttons to "Reload" and "Ignore".

  • kankri

    I have added [patches:#593] to make the dialogs appear only for the current tab.

    I hate gratuitous modal dialogs, but a non-modal one is not necessary a better solution.

    A non-modal dialog allows to edit the content before reacting to the dialog. But there is no point editing the content if you plan to choose "Reload"! However, a non-modal dialog makes this mistake possible and even likely. It makes also the other option, "Ignore", more difficult to handle, at least from the keyboard.

    A better alternative could be a notification bar just stating 'The file has been changed externally. "Reload from Disk" or "Save"'. You are then free to use your normal means to reload the file (e.g. F5) or save your version (e.g. ctrl-S). The notification would disappear once the conflict has been resolved.

    This is still somewhat prone to editing the file without noticing immediately the notification. But at least you don't have to interact with a non-standard UI element.

    I have been playing which coloring the externally modified tabs which partly alleviates the issue.



    Patches: #593