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#4015 Can't edit read-only files


I should be allowed to edit read-only files within Notepad++, then be prompted with a Save-As prompt stating "This file is read-only; you must save it as a new file to save changes" if I try to save it.

This is particularly important to me because I often use Notepad++ to view generated temporary files which unexpectedly have the read-only attribute turned on in the operating system. I often wish to do some editing on this file (perhaps to clean up some text before copying and pasting it elsewhere, or perhaps I wish to save-as AFTER I've made changes), but when every key press fails to make any changes, I forget about the "feature" of Notepad++ completely locking the file and I waste a lot of time trying to figure out why my keyboard suddenly isn't responding.

Once I realize that my keyboard is not broken, I end up selecting all text, copying it, and pasting it into a new tab (and selecting the correct language for that tab), which is far more effort than I should have to put into fiddling with a read-only temporary file.

Or at the very least, Notepad should display an annoying alert indicating that it's not going to let me modify the loaded text every time I try to add or remove text.


  • There is no need to create a new file etc, just use Edit -> Clear read-only flag.

  • dave6d6ky

    I agree this default behavior is a problem
    1) it differs from every other editor or IDE I use
    2) the proposed work-around is 'too much' - I have to position-click-position-click - there is no hot-key definition for the action
    3) Using the proposed work-around changes the attributes of the object itself!!! I do NOT want that - I do not want to be able to save to the original file.