#1593 TextFX Tools sortsettings are not remembered the 1st time


When using the TextFX Tools sorting, Notepad++ will not remember the settings 'Sort Ascending' and 'Sort outputs only unique' the 1st time you click them. You need to click on then again to show a mark in front of them.

1) start Notepad++
2) go to menu TextFX -> TextFx Tools and clock on '+Sort Ascending'

Expected result:
a marking will show up in front of the menu item when you go to TextFX -> TextFX Tools

Actual result:
No marking is visible. When you click again on the menu item '+Sort Ascening', and you check it again, then you will see a marking in front of it.

The same thing applies to the 'ort outputs only unique' item.


  • Menuitem without (left) and with (right) the marker

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    Hi. I see this behavior as well. Using 5.0.3.

    It seems that the *setting* for 'Sort outputs only UNIQUE' is retained between sessions, but the check-mark on the GUI is not displayed correctly during subsequent sessions.

    Thank you, Developers! Notepad++ is the best. -j

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    Hi again. Hit SUBMIT too fast. Continuing...

    1. Enable 'Sort outputs only UNIQUE' and make sure the check mark is displayed on the menu (may take a few clicks on the menu item)
    2. Sort a list with duplicates; notice that the duplicates are removed
    3. Close Notepad++
    4. Open Notepad++
    5. Notice that there is no check mark on 'Sort outputs only UNIQUE'
    6. Sort a list with duplicates; notice that the duplicates are removed