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NNTP Objects and Containers / News: Recent posts online

The NNTPObjects project has a new web site at Everything from the old website has been migrated to the new site and new features have been added. Bug tracking, discussions and feature requests will be migrated from the SourceForge project page to the new web page within a few weeks.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-09-06

NNTPObjects 0.9.5 Released

NNTPObjects now has the ability to thread articles, encode and post binaries, and download and decode binaries. Encoding and decoding can use a variety of encoding methods including yEnc. NNTPObjects now requires that the uudeview library be installed prior to compiling.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-09-04

NNTP server available for testing

An NNTP server has been set up for users to test their NNTPObjects applications. The server is available at on port 119. The server also hosts the new NNTPobjects news groups. This server is for project use and testing only. We will continue to offer this service as long as it is not abused.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-22

NNTPObjects 0.9.4 released

NNTPObjects 0.9.4 has been released and is available for download. This release contains many bug fixes and new features as well as two new classes. Posting and advanced searching have both been added as well as the classes news_sieve and news_mimetypes.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-22

NNTPobjects ported to Pike

Thanks to Niels Van Sluis for porting NNTPobjects to the Pike programming language. The first release of the Pike port is compatible with the interface of the 0.9.3 of the c++ classes. Developers can use easily switch between languages without having to learn a new interface.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-18

NNTPobjects 0.9.3 released

The newest release of NNTPobjects contains several new functions, which are covered in the API docs. The most important feature of this release is a more robust error checking scheme and a debug mode which outputs all requests, responses and errors to stdout.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-09

NNTPobjects 0.9.2 released

This version of newsobjects has doubled the number of available functions. It is now possible to directly download articles or article bodies instead of returning a news_articles collection. The getArticle, getHeader and getBody functions have been overridden to allow passing the appropriate group to the function so the group does not have to be selected seperately. A search function has been added to allow xpat searches of article headers and some subordinate functions now allow selecting all articles with jpg, mpg or mp3 attachments.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-05

NNTPobjects 0.9.1 released

NNTPobjects 0.9.1 has been released and is available for download. This released fixed some bugs which prevented it from compiling with gcc 3.x. There are also a number of new functions available. Read the ChangeLog and the new API documentation for all of the new features.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-01

NNTPobjects gcc 3.x compatible

Incompatibilities with gcc 3.x that prevented nntpobjects from building successfully have been fixed and are available via cvs. The 0.9.1 source release will contain these changes.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-08-01

First public release of nntpobjects

nntpobjects 0.9 is now available for download. This alpha release is fairly stable, but the classes are being constantly updated. A beta release is expected soon, as the class interfaces become more stable.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-07-29

Home page online for nntpobjects.

The home page for nntpobjects is now online at
General project information, a users manual and an API manual are all available at the site.

Posted by Fred Harmon 2002-07-29