Dear doctor:
My name is Xusong (Xu is my family name as you said is my last name). I am
Chinese living in Shanghai China. Sorry for my poor English. If you have
something unknown please send back email to ask. I was diagnosed type one
diabetes in 1978. At that time I was six years old.
My C-peptide in limosis is 30pmol/l at limosis, 30pmol/l in one hour,
30pmol/l in two hours, and 30pmol/l in three hours. I test these values in
this year. I have forgotten my Values when I was 6 years old, but I think
these values can't change hugely.
I doní»t inject insulin at first, and I only drink Chinese herb medicine,
which prescribed by my grandfather who is a famous Chinese herb doctor. I
began to inject insulin in 1981, after I leave my grandfather. Now my
insulin injection quantities only have 28 units in total and twice a day.
But I always drink Chinese herb medicine to protect my kidney was wrong for

diabetes. It was Prescribe by my grandfather. Especially On cures kidney
illnesses. Now my kidney works well.
Now I hear from Internet that doing islet cell transplantation can cure
diabetes. So I ask to do this trial know do this operation some dangerous
existed. But I would like trying. On Aug.30, 1998, I was dropped from the
roof of our office building to the ground. It is about 15 meters high.
After 40 days coma, I weak up. But it cause my left leg shorten two
centimeters than right one. And left arm can't straightly unbend. The
doctor knows I am a diabetic. So he didn't help me do more operation to
bend my arm. It only because that cuts doesn't easy to close up. But he
said if I cure my diabetes, he will let me do further operation. So I want
to do this operation. You know I am 31 years old and single and didn't want

to marry during all my rest life. So please let me do this operation. Even
porcine or bovine or clone's islet cell to human being, if it can, I would
like try this operation first.
In April I went to the hospital to see the doctor ask to do this operation.

The doctor let me do some experiment first before the operation. The result

is below:
Item                                    Result                    Reference
Islet Cell Antibody (ICA)               positive                  negative
Glutamic Acid Diastasis Antibody (GADA) 9ng/ml                   <32ng/ml
IA-2 Antibody (IA-2A)                   12.8U/ml                 <0.9U/ml

So the doctor in this hospital didní»t agree me do this operation. And he
said even he do this operation for me, the islet cell which transplant into

my body will killed by my antibody.
But one friend who is a doctor work in Joslin said I can do this operation
only take immunosuppressant after operation. So I feel very strange why the

same situation cause different result. If the parent likes me doní»t suit
for doing this operation in China.

Thank you!

If you have some information of islet cell transplantation, please send
or post it to me. My mail address is Room 101 No.16 Baolin 8 Cun Baoshan
District Shanghai, China.

By the way could you tell me the fare of doing this operation?
Thank you again!