I'm trying to configure Countdown V1.00, which I downloaded via to use on their server. I maintain the site for the artists. I'm attaching the configuration specs I've set. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I can't get anything associated with this to display. Everything resides in the /cgi-bin folder for the site.

Thanks for any help -- Ray


# Configuration

# $DEBUGGING must be set in a BEGIN block in order to have it be set before
# the program is fully compiled.
# This should almost certainly be set to 0 when the program is 'live'

   $DEBUGGING = 1;
my $data_dir             = '';
my $digit_url            = '';
my $digit_ext            = '.gif';
my @valid_uri            = ('/');
my @invalid_uri          = ();
my $auto_create          = 1;
my $ssi_emit_cgi_headers = 1;
my @no_header_servers    = qw(Xitami);

# End configuration