I would like to be able to show the name of a catagory for search.
The option to add directory search was added but not included in the =20
Search Information
Example of output
Search Information:
Directory: Folder name
Boolean: All Words
Case: Insensitive


Also I could use some help in modifying the html output from the =20
script to make it match
my site. I have a problem with locating the spot to place the html =20
code. If you could add
test like #
# add custom html code her


In the array @blocked             =3D =20
make it so wild cards can be used. If it could use
             *   The star is a wildcard symbol.  It matches zero or more
                 characters.  For example, '*.html' would match all files
                 ending with '.html', while a single '*' would match every

             /   The forward slash is a directory delimiter.  It is used
                 to separate directories of a single path.

             .   The period is used to indicate a file extension (usually
                 an acronym used to identify the contents of a file).  For
                 example, a file with the '.html' suffix usually contains
                 HTML (the language used to write webpages).

I would appreciate it.
Thank You.