I have installed FormMail.pl V1.66 dated 2002/3/27 and have received a Broken Pipe error message. The message reads:  $? = -1, $! = Broken Pipe at FormMail.pl Line 519. Line 519 reads

close (MAIL) || die "close mailprog: \$?=$?,\$!=$!";

My email program is set as:    $mailprog = '/usr/bin/sendmail -oi -t';

and my referers as:    @referers = qw(www.gnirrep.com gnirrep.com);  as provided by server support personnel

and allow email as:     @allow_mail_to = qw(tomgnirrep@gnirrep.com tom@gnirrep.com);  which are the two emails set up on my server.

Can you help me with this problem. Your FormMail program is exactly what I need for my website and I would like to get it operational.

Thank You!

Tom Gnirrep