I'm looking into packaging nmon for EPEL and Fedora, because I think it is a nice tool and it helps people who are accustomed to nmon (AIX admins, for example) feel at home on Linux.

Most boxes I would potentially run this on though, do not have ksh installed or do not have it as the default shell for most accounts that would use nmon.

Applying this small patch makes the code shell agnostic and less confusing for people not using ksh:

--- ./lmon14g.c.orig    2012-07-05 23:38:12.050098747 +0200
+++ ./lmon14g.c 2012-07-05 23:38:40.650361657 +0200
@@ -4131,7 +4131,7 @@ mvprintw(x+1, 40, "For help type H or ..
 mvprintw(x+2, 40, " nmon -?  - hint");
 mvprintw(x+3, 40, " nmon -h  - full");
 mvprintw(x+5, 40, "To start the same way every time");
-mvprintw(x+6, 40, " set the NMON ksh variable");
+mvprintw(x+6, 40, " set the NMON shell variable");

 mvprintw(x+10, 3, "Use these keys to toggle statistics on/off:");
 mvprintw(x+11, 3, "   c = CPU        l = CPU Long-term   - = Faster screen updates");