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Nixory 0.6.3 coming soon

Nixory 0.6.3 is currently under development and will soon be released (May-June 2007). Here's a little preview of new features:

*Code rewritten and splitted into multiple files for more control on single-component improvements. More advanced python features are used to improve global execution speed.
*Better management of memory
*Better management on user preferences (Nixory will come with english language preinstalled. Other additional languages will be available for download and selected directly from GUI)
*Multi-Profile (The user will be able to use more than one firefox profile for scans. Additionally, Nixory will automatically check system variables to find out mozilla user directory path)
*Theme changer (The user will be able to download and use alternative icon themes)
*Improved heuristics and definitions management
*Minor changes to the GUI

Posted by Alfredo Spadafina 2007-04-30