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NitroTech restart

Due to many reasons we have decided to restart NitroTech again. The new NitroTech will be perfected code made by a team of great developers.

We are doing our discussing on a forum here: so if you would like you can see the up-to-date situation of NitroTech whenerver you want.
You can also read team updates and why we are starting again. So please, head over there, and take a look ;).... read more

Posted by Joshua Hesketh 2004-08-24

New Domain!

NitroTech now has its own domain. was genorously donated by nightstalker, many thanks go to him for this.

On another note, the NitroTech team have been busy working version 2. No release date has been set, but an alpha release of the core engine could be release in approximatly 2months from now.

So keep checking back for more information as we all look forward to version 2.

Posted by Joshua Hesketh 2004-04-05

Support dropped for v1

Support is dropped for version 1 of NitroTech as it is very unstable and not very well writen.
All downloads have been locked.
It is advised that if you still use NitroTech that you find another temporay solution, or talk to me in private so I can help you make it sucure for what you are using it for.

But don't worry we are still alive here at NitroTech headquarters and are working hard at Version2.
We have some new members and heaps of awsome code going under way. You can see some of Version2 at SourceForge's CVS broswer.... read more

Posted by Joshua Hesketh 2004-03-30

Developers & Designers Hard At Work On Nitrotech V2

The team at nitrotech are currently very hard at work at version 2 of Nitrotech, so far we are still at a very all stage and really is impossible to tell where Nitrotech will go next.

Just a few of the features V2 will include:
Enchanced News And Template System
Subpage Support
Administrator Definable Fields
Support for Multiple Languages

And to give you a taste of where we are up to with V2 here are some screen shots:... read more

Posted by Zac Shenker 2004-02-18



A big thanks to Source Forge for accepting this project. I hope to have the first alpha realease out soon. :)

Enjoy fellas!

Posted by Joshua Hesketh 2003-10-24