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New Version 1.3.5

This is a new version of the CIS Benchmark that fixes several small bugs found in the previous release. It also changes the system checking facility so that the tool will run on 10.2.6 and other current versions.

Posted by Jerome Holman 2003-06-04

CIS Benchmark for OS X Goes Online

Nitrogen is the new code name for the port of the CIS (Center of Internet Security) benchmark tool to Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2.x). This is the intial release of the CIS Benchmark tool on Sourceforge. CIS and the benchmark are trademarks of The Center of Internet Security that can be located at ( The port to OS X has been in development for the past several months by Jerome Holman at Virginia Tech. The project has moved to SourceForge to try to organize, stabalize, and eventually build a release quality version of the CIS Benchmark tool for OS X. The upcoming goal is to have the tool approved by Apple's WWDC. The next step will be to finish the Cocoa GUI by the end of Q2. Please help us make this tool as reliable as possible by downloading the tool, testing it on your system, and submitting changes and improvedments back to the Nitrogen project site.

Posted by Jerome Holman 2003-06-03