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Nitfol / News: Recent posts

Second pre-release for Nitfol 0.6 posted

This release requires Gtk# 2.12, both for Windows and GNU/Linux (for the tooltips).

A few bug fixes, but mostly map improvements:
* Color the background to help distinguish rooms from background
* Color recently visited rooms to help orient player
* Don't rearrange rooms if no connections have changed
* More reliable decision on drawing up/down arrows
* Add tooltips over rooms (shows room names)
* Store/load map to/from Quetzal save file

Posted by Evin Robertson 2008-11-02

First pre-release for Nitfol 0.6 posted

This is a rewrite in Nemerle. It supports Z-Code, Glulx, BTZ, and Scott Adams games. It has a greatly improved automapper.

Posted by Evin Robertson 2008-10-24