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Nightmare Redux v1.4 Released

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Posted by Matt 2003-09-02

Nightmare Redux v1.3

Posted by Matt 2003-05-13

Nightmare Redux v1.2

v1.2 (03/03/2003)
-NEW: option to use all available cpu for import/export/delete/compile/massrm/map
-NEW: only perform action if options on the universal modifier
-NEW: a pseudo tool to multiply just boss experience
-NEW: room exit page now updates the parameters according to exit type
-NEW: added the 'retain item after uses expire' flag to item editor
-NEW: the user editor user list is now sortable by username or bbs name
-NEW: find/find next on textblock editor
-UP: monster attack page now updates the labels according to attack type
-UP: tweaked the update file compiling process to hopefully make it a little faster
-UP: added an unknown flag, and 2 unknown values to the item editor
-UP: room editor now remembers the last room you were on
-UP: sped up the monster/item/shop/spell list creations
-UP: added cost as an option for items in universal mod
-UP: added some info on making backups to the general help
-FIX: fixed some of the forms jumping around when they load
-FIX: monster grp/index list was cut off at the end, split it up to two pages
-FIX: couldnt export to textfiles (thx dxpac)
-NOTE: old export files wont work with this version

Posted by Matt 2003-03-03

Nightmare Redux v1.1

v1.1 (02/15/2003)
-UP: rewrote some code in the import and export to make it more efficient
-FIX: class import wasnt importing abilities (thx PanterraX!)

v1.0 (02/14/2003)
-NEW: i decided to 1.0 it, i think everyone is aware its really always in beta
-NEW: the 5 previous settings are available to choose from in settings
-NEW: tool to search for an item sitting in a room (under tools - rooms)
-UP: compatibility with v1.11m
-UP: wrote a small tutorial about the update file and general editing (noobs, read!)
-UP: updated the group/index list for v1.11m in monster help
-UP: added a monster boss/NPC room list to the monster help
-UP: cleaned up and added some info to the rooms help
-UP: added some quests to the quest organizer, more coming soon
-UP: slightly new format for the quest organizer, can now have 3 tree levels
-UP: user merger now marks changed records with *changed* in the log file
-UP: textblock editor no longer auto-loads the preview window
-NOTE: old NMR-Quests.txt files may not work correctly with this version

Posted by Matt 2003-02-16

Nightmare Redux v0.7.7 BETA

v0.7.7 BETA (01/27/03)
-NEW: user merge --merge two user databases
-UP: compatibility with v1.11L
-FIX: rooms by range for universal modifier wasnt working (thx durin)

Posted by Matt 2003-01-28

New website --

Posted by Matt 2003-01-03

Nightmare Redux v0.7.5 BETA

v0.7.5 BETA (12/30/02)
-NEW: compatibility with v1.11j
-NEW: option in settings to switch between dat file versions
-NEW: exporter now creates an "Info" table, shows the version of NMR and dat file
-NEW: option to import old monsters and "convert" to new exp format (during import)
-NEW: status bar at the bottom -shows call letters, dat file version, and if writing disabled
-UP: monster editor now has exp 'base' and 'multiplier' fields to reflect v1.11j changes
-UP: upon startup, NMR will check to make sure the correct dat file version is selected

Posted by Matt 2002-12-30

Nightmare Redux v0.7.3 BETA

v0.7.3 BETA (12/18/02)
-FIX: fixed some crashing problems on exit
-FIX: fixed some problems with the log file in the mass room editor
-UP: you can now cancel the update compiling and map building processes
-UP: update comp., mass room, and import/export/deleter all show accurate progress bars
-UP: implemented some error prevention for races/classes that didn't exist in an installation
-UP: LOTS of work in general on the importer and exporter
-UP: option to add to/update an existing DataExport file instead of creating a new one
-UP: added checks for the importer to strip trailing spaces on text fields
-UP: moved "Charm LvL" to a different column in the DataExport file (it was lost in the mix)
-UP: added option to close all windows to the windows menu
-UP: *NOTE: old NMR-DataExport.mdb files may not work with this version*

Posted by Matt 2002-12-18

Nightmare Redux v0.7.21 BETA

Few fixes and an option to disable database writing

Posted by Matt 2002-11-25

Nightmare Redux v0.7.2 BETA


v0.7.2 BETA (11/14/02)
-NEW: universal modifier --perform math functions on many of the fields within the editors
-FIX: clicking on the starting room in the map crashed everything (thanks WarHawk)
-FIX: negate spells in the items database werent being exported/imported
-UP: tooltips on the map editor will now show instantly (hover mouse over a room)
-UP: tooltips on the map now show a lot of useful information
-UP: added 5 more negate slots to the item editor (thanks locke cole)
-UP: in-game AC and DR is calculated and shown on the item editor
-UP: min/max/duration values now calculate as you change them in the spell editor
-UP: as you tab or click through the fields in the room editor it will auto-select its contents
-UP: tab order in room editor should be better now
-UP: added get first/last record number buttons to db exporter
-UP: db importer wont log updated records anymore unless log-all is selected
-UP: lots of code rewrites in general

Posted by Matt 2002-11-15

Nightmare Redux v0.7.1 BETA


v0.7.1 BETA (11/4/02)
-NEW: map display available from the room editor -(thanks to scorpion for help on this)
-FIX: database exporter/importer wasnt exporting/importing a spells level restriction field
-UP: map editor now updates if you make changes in the room editor and hit save
-UP: added a clear button to clear the current room description
-UP: when typing room descriptions it will automatically go to the next line
-UP: MiniMap renamed to "Map Editor"

Posted by Matt 2002-11-04

New Release - Nightmare Redux v0.7.0 BETA !


v0.7.0 BETA (09/29/02)
-database import.
-quest organizer -- (props to Demonic for digging through the alignment textblocks)
-edit rooms while using MiniMap
-two versions of MiniMap now, a big one and small one
-revamped database exporter, allowing for range export
-added jump buttons next to a lot of the fields, enabling a jump to a record in another editor
-mass room editor now logs errors (and only the critical errors) to a log file
-new window menu for selecting/tiling/cascadning the open windows
-you can now minimize all of the windows
-missing or locked ability.mdb will no longer cripple program
-rewrote some code in the mass room editor to make it faster and more efficient
-added a Go2 button for the LinkTo field in the textblock editor
-when loading a form, it will now be given focus (bringing it to the front if it's already loaded and just lost)
-added button to recreate the settings.ini in the settings
-fixed small bug with the select all/none in the database exporter

Posted by Matt 2002-09-30

Welcome syntax53, and new Nightmare on the way!

I would like everyone to welcome syntax53 to the nightmare development team. I have recieved some word regarding a new release that he is working on that will allow you to do everything from compiling the update file to editing users. Keep an eye out for this new version, as it will be released soon.

Posted by Vince 2002-07-01

Nightmare goes Open Source!

Interested in working on the project? We are looking for a number of people who understand visual basic and pervasive's btrieve well enough to help update the project. Let us know ASAP if you can help out.

Posted by Vince 2002-05-20