Cognifty 0019 Released

Cognifty is the new PHP framework based on old ideas. Flexible enough to run other frameworks inside itself, Cognifty is the perfect choice for new integration or legacy development.

Release Notes: Cognifty 19: Module Installer

This release consists of a lot of bug fixes, template and user interface
changes, as well as the new module installer.

Changelog: Cognifty 19: Module Installer

New Features:

* Data Item: added whenUsing() to Cgn_DbWrapper specify specific connection handles for individual data item tables.
* Content: change the embed other items tool to be a floating panel so it doesn't conflict with the tabbed interface and lose the cursor
* Added module installer based on phing.
* Module Manager: Added ability to upload a zip file for installation.
* Login Module: Added logout signal to logoutEvent, logout_success_after
* Zend Search: Upgraded Zend Search Lucene library to 1.8.4PL1
* Installer: Added two new e-mail settings, default from and error notify.
* Admin Database: Created a simple module to run SQL scripts against any configured DSN.

Bug Fixes:

* Blog: Fixed an issue where the custom content type key was different in the library from the default config key.
* Main module: Fixed form to email script to use cleanMultiLine on the submitted text area.
* Login: fixed syntax error when emitting login event.
* HTTP lib should use configured port, not force SSL
* Session Library: fixed GC method to clean up session from the DB 10% of the time even if the PHP.ini specifies no GC probability becaus
e the OS is expecting cron based cleanup.
* Content editor: fix lightbox rel attribute for HTML type documents and blog posts.

Posted by Mark Kimsal 2009-08-15