Cognifty 0015 Released

Cognifty is the new PHP framework based on old ideas. Flexible enough to run other frameworks inside itself, Cognifty is the perfect choice for new integration or legacy development.

This is a standard release. Highlights include:

* Adding cron php file to handle request from local CLI
* Search site structure for a URL match before showing a 404 on the fnf module.
* Adding local-modules folder by default that ignores all custom chagnes in it.
* Adding two MVC examples to cheatsheet.
* Changed userform submits to look for random field names to protect against spam bots.
* Adding autoload function to help with lazy loading of ObjectStore items.
* Added support for sub where clauses in the data item.
* Started adding Sharing Model techniques to data model class.

Upgrade complexity level: Low

Database changes required: no
Changes to config file definitions: yes
Breaking changes to custom code: no

Posted by Mark K 2008-08-29