#148 Nifskope Gloss Rendering Discrepancy

NifSkope 1.1.0
NifSkope (75)

Nifskope seems to render the gloss effect on certain vanilla nifs, even when certain data necessary for custom or reexported nifs to have gloss effect, is lacking. I am using full released version of Nifskope 1.1.0 & Blender 2.49b (other programs used listed in my Niftools forum post, under Nifskope subforum).

I\'m talking about the rendering in Nifskope, and have not checked the effects ingame – yet. Also, I took the screenshots with the Nifskope setting adjusted to “Nighttime” lighting.

CWEntrance01a.nif (vanilla nif) -
In pic #1, this is a vanilla nif, that has not been reexported from Blender, though it has had textures changed whilst in Nifskope. It does not have a NiSpecularProperty, and the Specular Color in the NiMaterialProperty is set to pure black. The stalagtite exhibits glossiness, as you can see.

CWEntrance01a_KP3.nif (tweaked and reexported from Blender) -
In pic#2, the NiTriShape in question for the same stalagtite, has exactly the same properties, with same settings – everything is the same as in the above vanilla nif (I have quadruple-checked). But it shows no glossiness, like in the vanilla nif.

CWEntrance01a_KP3v2.nif (tweaked/reexported from Blender, has some Nifskope changes) -
In pic #3 & #4, everything is the same as in pic #2, EXCEPT for the stalagtite NiTriShape in question, I added a NiSpecularProperty with Flag set to 1, and set its Specular Color in the NiMaterialProperty to pure white. This reexported nif is now glossy.

I will include the related nifs and textures in a download.



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