nicotine just freeze

  • hi ive been having the same problem but i don't know where my user folder is to find my .nictotine to delete........nicotine was working fine before and now i have just a blank a novice at this stuff...........please help

  • You must search for .nicotine, and be sure to activate the option to show invisible files.

  • my nicotine froze the first time.. and I dont have any more files than the programfile nicotine :/

    pleeze help

  • after working perfectly during some months, i have the same trouble of a blank screen, and i don't understand this "user folder" solution, there's no user folder, just the nicotine stuff, what can i do to find a solution?

  • For an easy way to find the .nicotine folder you do this in the Finder: Click on the Menu "Go > go to folder..." (or just press shift-command-G), type   ~/.nicotine   and click on "Go". Presto! You'll find yourself in the .nicotine folder. Now trash the files you find there.