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Nicecopier does not start

  • Did get info about the program nicecopier and it was a really nice program I
    thought. I download the 32-bit, installed it and then I started it. And
    nothing happends. I can see the process in process explorer but it lies there
    consuming nothing and no windows is shown.

    State is : Wait : User request

    What is it waiting for :-)

    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1

    How can I debug? Would really like to use the program since it seems I have
    the need for it.

    Thansk //Bert

  • Klikis

    Hello Bert

    NiceCopier only shows a window when you copy something in windows. So almost
    all copy operations from windows are handled by NiceCopier.

    NiceCopier should show an icon in the taskbar that you can right-click to get
    additional functions.

    Be careful to not use the 32Bit NiceCopier on 64bit windows since that won't

    If you got the first version of NiceCopier 11.09.20 which was there for some
    time, then there was a bug that prevented NiceCopier to receive copy events in
    some circumstances.

    Try out the 11.09.21 version.

    Hope it works for you.


  • BRULE Herman
    BRULE Herman

    Warning: With Qt 4.X the QLocalServer not work with UAC. You need use Qt5 on server with QLocalServer::setOptions(UserScope), and on client side, you need return false into FileDragDropExt.cpp when the !QLocalSocket::isValid() or not connected.