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We're Back

Hi all, sorry by stay away from this project for so long time, but now I'm back with good news a soon release, just wait a few days.

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-08-14

Our website is using NEnc 0.27

Now you can see a demo of NIA Encoder at our web site . Were using the 0.27 alpha version.

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-05-08

Version 0.27 Alpha Released

One new version of NIA Encoder has benn released. The 0.27 Alpha is the lastest release before the 0.5 beta version. Download will be only available in 0.5 beta.

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-05-06

ASP Support

NIA PHP Encoder now is 'NIA PHP ASP Encoder' because it will support php and asp encrypt.

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-04-30

Beta Version at: May-18-2002

The beta version will be realeased at 05/18/2002

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-04-22

Beta version is coming

A free and totally functional NIA PHP Encoder's beta version is coming in 3 weeks. The download will be possible.

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-04-02

Alpha Version Released

Today we finish the first alpha version of NIA PHP Encoder, this version is available to Linux and Windows and is not totally functional.

Posted by Renato Preti 2002-04-02