plot problems

Uwe Jaeger
  • Uwe Jaeger
    Uwe Jaeger

    Dear all,
    using this simple deck (see below) ngspice V18 mingw-binary doesn't plot because the the single quotes of the plot xlabel 'er ror' are substituted by {er ror} by the inp_fix_for_numparam() function. I guess plot cannot handle this after the substitution! Is is a fault or am I doing/thinking something wrong or did I miss something?
    V1 1 0 SIN(0 10 50 0 0)
    R1 1 2 10
    R2 2 0 10
    tran 5m 5000m
    plot v(2) xlabel 'er ror'

    Best regards
    Uwe Jaeger