#225 Failed simulation when using "source" multiple times

frontend (66)
Henrik Forstén

When more than one simulations are ran without restarting ngspice, sometimes the later simulations fail to converge or return different results than when run alone.

Steps to repdroduce:

- Go to ngspice root directory and start ngspice.
- Type "source examples/TransmissionLines/cpl1_4_line.sp".
- Without restarting type: "source examples/TransmissionLines/cpl2_2_line.sp".
- Second simulation fails (doAnalyses: iteration limit reached), but it works correctly when run alone.

I have traced this bug to line 165 in frontend/spiceif.c. Uncommenting the "INPkillMods()" line fixes the bug.

This bug was introduced in commit 99b167b272027aabe4cbee573e4b7a87de63f69d "correct alter of mos geometries for binned models".


  • Thanks Henrik for the report and the proposed fix.
    We must look for a way to differentiate on this place between "alter" and "source".

  • Reactivate and move the modtab delete after the eventloop should now allow further re-source and alter of binned mos models.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> dwarning
    • status: open --> closed-fixed