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Next Generation Open Internet Directory / News: Recent posts

Download the RSS 0.91 DTD for RSS applications

As you must be aware that Netscape has stopped hosting the RSS 0.91 DTD. So everyone needs to update their RSS feeds to point to a local copy of the DTD file.

You can download the DTD from here.

Posted by Ashvil D'Costa 2001-04-30

New Tutorials released for simple integration

Check out the two simple tutorials for integration with the NGOID News Network.

A simple way to retrieve information from the News Network.

A simple way to submit information to the News Network.

Please use them to integrate your site and applications with the News Network.

Posted by Ashvil D'Costa 2001-04-30

Screen shots of News Network integration with Php-Nuke

We have posted screenshots of integration with Php-Nuke. This demonstrates how easy it is to add information into a PHP-Nuke portal.

Please check


Posted by Ashvil D'Costa 2001-04-10

ANN: NGOID News Network Project

NGOID News Network is an Open Content network of news submissions. As a poster you can submit your news item for posting to multiple information portal or web log sites to enable the use of Metcalf law of the network to distribute knowledge.

It also allows you to integrate the submitted news items or items scanned using RSS (Rich Site Summary) to be integrated into your portal, web log or application.... read more

Posted by Ashvil D'Costa 2001-04-05

Split directory project into modules

We are using the Task Manager http://sourceforge.net/pm/?group_id=4769 on Source Forge to track the project tasks. If you can contribute to a task, or want to add a new sub project or task, Please contact the developer assigned to the task directly or you can post the request on our mailing list.

Posted by Ashvil D'Costa 2000-05-08

Next Generation Open Internet Directory project

i3Connect.net welcomes everyone to participate in a vision to build a "Next Generation Open Internet Directory" grassroots project on an open data foundation, that answers data ownership and privacy concerns, in order to create a truly networked world.

We hope to build an Open Directory infrastructure that can scale and also behave in a peer-to-peer network fashion, without centralized hubs with the directory project at http://i3connect.net for
information exchange in XML format and for services via XML-RPC or SOAP.... read more

Posted by Ashvil D'Costa 2000-04-25