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We're not dead yet!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of progress on this site. Well, it's not quite dead yet, contrary to what must be popular belief. I am currently unable to devote much time at all to hobbies (I work 40+ hours a week and go to school), and _phi is currently unable to access SF due to access restrictions at his place of work. We are still planning out as much as we can in advance, though. This project is a passion for me, so expect to see it happen, one way or another, and sooner or later.

Posted by Ryan Egesdahl 2007-10-18

The Plan Creeps Forward

Yes, we are still planning the API. No, we have not stopped work. We have realized that the best policy for our operating system is to make sure we have as much of the plan in place as we can before we ever set to coding. One thing we are making sure we do is become at least familiar with all related subjects of our OS before we make our plans. That's where we are now.

But there are some things we can say. For one, we won't be reinventing the wheel at all. There will be times it will be appropriate to bring in the work others have already done because we don't think we could do it better (and still have a large support base, at least). One such project is OpenGL for graphics. Another is OpenAI for audio. Notice that these are open standards. The idea behind our OS is that it is an open standards paradise. If you work within well-established standards, it will be possible to develop software for Nexus with ease. You can think of Nexus as a Standard of Standards, if you like. We're saying what should be in any operating system and putting it all together. This isn't about doing it all better (though we will) or flying in the face of what we think is wrong with all other OS's (they all have their strengths - and weaknesses). We want developers to write code once and have it work everywhere without having to resort to tertiary platforms like Java or .NET.... read more

Posted by Ryan Egesdahl 2007-02-16

Planning Stage for Nexus API

We are currently entering the planning stage for the nexus API. Right now, I am working on writing the plan for how any software should interact with any generic operating system. To that end, I am refreshing my knowledge of programming by studying an Ada tutorial (the Lovelace Tutorial at is really nice).

Just for anyone visiting this project and wondering which language we will be writing everything in, that language will be Ada. Really, it is the best tool for the job, and I see no reason to pander to convention when a standard is at stake. After all, what is a standard but a definition of convention?... read more

Posted by Ryan Egesdahl 2007-01-24