#1 missing files in the source


there are some files missing that stops newsrog
from being completely compiled (and without some of these there can never be a gcc compile either)
these are...

1) SCOPTIONS (which should contain include paths etc and some defines NR_BATCHMODE=0, USEMUI=1 and USECYBERGFX=1)

2) a master smakefile or/and a smake.def file (referenced later in the .mcc's smakefiles) which might contain path setups too and some defs for compiling the .mcc's

3) Libraries/C-Invocation.h

which is referenced in

without this you can't compile the .mcc's

otherewise it does compile with SAS/C.

if you can't get it to compile on SAS/C then you will
never get it to compile on GCC either since then something is missing and you don't know what that is, what the error is (what data/information you are missing etc.)
and probably can't reproduce the missing file(s) since you have no way of knowing what they really contain.

the first priority is always to get it to build on the
compiler that it was designed otherwise you are xxxx'ed.


  • Anonymous

    Where were the later versions of Newsrog?

    • David Rey
      David Rey

      What later versions? 1.8b is the latest (commercial) version and that's what you find here in source form minus some missing files that I never got from Steve because of his damaged DAT drive.

  • David Rey
    David Rey


    The main problem for me is recreating the missing files. I'm veeeery slowly learning C myself, and if it depends on me alone this may never get done. At the time of open sourcing the project, Damato had too many stuff already on his plate so I'm guessing he's not an option even now.

    If you're interested, I'd be glad to give you write access to the sources (which I'll move to SVN as soon as I figure out how it's done these days).

    And yes, this is probably the most late reply ever.



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