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NewsDaemon 0.41 is out after a long lull

Due to security issues with the previous release that were recently exploited, a new version has been release to address these issue in addition to fixing other bugs and adding a few new features. See the CHANGELOG for details on the security issues with the previous versions.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2008-04-30

NewsDaemon 0.4 has been released

Version 0.4 of the content management system used by DaemonNews for their Daily News website has been released. Many new features and bug fixes have gone into this version including spell checking and a new mode to create classified ad type web sites. Read the CHANGELOG for a list of changes.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2002-03-11

NewsDaemon v0.31 Out

A new release of NewsDaemon is out today. It includes the ability to archive stories and a few bug fixes including fixing an installation issue.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2001-05-28

NewsDaemon 0.3-beta ready soon

NewsDaemon 0.3-beta is in the final cleanup/testing phase and should be out by the end of the week at the lastest. 0.3-beta includes many, many new features, alot of them involving enhancements to the admin tools.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2001-03-20

NewsDaemon 0.21 is out and includes major security fix

Version 0.21 of NewsDaemon has just been release and among other changes, it includes a major security fix that previously allowed any user access to the admin pages by sending certain malformed form values.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2001-01-25

NewsDaemon 0.2 has been released

The configuration has been moved to the database and there now exists a web interface to change all of the configuration parameters.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2001-01-04

Beta 3 Release Finished

The Sourceforge problems seem to have cleared up so the 0.1-beta3 release is ready to be downloaded.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2000-12-25

Beta 3 Release Ready

A Beta 3 release of NewsDaemon is ready. Unfortunately, SourceForge isn't letting me add the file to the release. It will be posted as soon as possible.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2000-12-22

First Release of NewsDaemon

We released the first public release of NewsDaemon today.

Posted by Preston Wiley 2000-11-01