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still active

All the real action is at or #newos on

Posted by Travis Geiselbrecht 2004-02-15

Still active!

Lots of people have apparently come here and decided the project was inactive, but that's not true. The bulk of the work is being done off the sourceforge servers, so this page doesn't show a lot of activity. Go to the project page at for more info.

Posted by Travis Geiselbrecht 2002-07-25

New mailing list

I put up a new mailing list at
This list gets mailed a description of the source changes in the source depot as they are made. Thought someone may be interested.

Posted by Travis Geiselbrecht 2001-11-24

not much

Lots of progress being made, but nothing super visible. Much progress being made on redoing the filesystem layer, to provide for memory-mapped files, which will open a floodgate of new things that can be done.

Posted by Travis Geiselbrecht 2001-09-26

Web site moved

I moved the web site over to Too many people were having problems with the site.

Posted by Travis Geiselbrecht 2001-07-21

Source Forge project set up

In case you didn't figure it out, I finally set up a Source Forge project for NewOS. I had previously been using my web site for all of the good stuff, but SF provides some tools I'm very interested in. I'm using just about everything except for the CVS, since I already have a perforce server.

Posted by Travis Geiselbrecht 2001-06-14