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NewGenLib / News: Recent posts

NewGenLib 2.2 Beta available for download

NewGenLib version 2.2 beta-1 is released. Please see the list new features available in 2.2 visit http://newgenlib.wiki.sourceforge.net/Proposed2.2 for more details.

Posted by Verus Solutions, India 2008-04-24

NewGenLib 2.2 to be released on 24th April 2008

NewGenLib 2.2 release which is due to release on 17 April 2008 is delayed to 28th April 2008. Some priority bugs had to included for fix.

Posted by Verus Solutions, India 2008-04-17

Z39.50 Client in NewGenLib 2.2

NewGenLib version 2.2 due for release on 14th April 2008 will have Z39.50 client. The client uses the open source JZKit 1.0 package.

The NewGenLib team is planning to integrate NewGenLib with Zebra Z39.50 server in version 2.3

Posted by Verus Solutions, India 2008-03-04

NewGenLib Desktop released

NewGenLib Desktop, an application that has reports and many other utility functions is available for download. The file name is desktop.war.zip. Instructions for installation are available in the download page of NewGenLib in sourceforge.net

Posted by Verus Solutions, India 2008-01-18

NewGenLib v3.0 development under progress

NewGenLib v3.0 is under development. And will be released in April'2008.

Posted by Verus Solutions, India 2007-12-31

NewGenLib version 2.1 stable released

NewGenLib - Integrated Library Automation and Networking Solution version 2.1 is released and is available for download.

Posted by Verus Solutions, India 2007-12-31